Artify Is Your IT Partner

We have the skills to assist you in the full range of product development

  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development
  • Launch
  • Support
  • We use Lean principles in management and Agile approach (Scrum) with implementation. Our process of service development is build, measure and learn
  • First we start with agreeing on minimum viable features, then draw the concept design and create an interactive demo to validate with consumers (repeat, until good enough)
  • After the validation we know how to create value for the customer
  • The Client is integrated in every step of the process, has full transparency and right to give input at all times. We know how to execute projects together and remotely

How to choose a framework

2012, July 4th - Jaanus Lang, Rainit Vildo. DevClub XIV

Lean vs Scrum vs Common Sense vs Reality

2012, July 4th - Jaanus Lang, Rainit Vildo. Agile Saturday VI

Creating online strategy game

2012, July 4th - Jaanus Lang, Rainit Vildo. DevClub IX

Think Lean & Design Agile

2012, May 12th - Rain Allikvee. Agile Saturday VII

Ways to reach us

Rain Allikvee


  • +372 521 2126

Jaanus Lang


  • +372 511 5781