Case Studies


We have built tailored marketing platforms for Worldwide market and also setup platforms for local markets.

E-Commerce solutions

  • Tomson - Toy Store
  • EDRK - Digital Book Centre
  • ELLU - Online Book Library
  • Tuule Laevad - Ferry Booking App
  • Apotheka - Online Pharmacy Services
  • Magnum Medical Finland - Pharmaceutics Wholesaler
It was easy to work with Artify since they understood what we wanted and thus delivered a perfect end result. - Mervi Lill, Chief Marketing Officer

Mobile App

Tuule Laevad is the leading ferrying company between Estonian islands. In 2014 we developed a new concept, created the design and built the prototype. IT magazine “Digi” pointed out that the strongest point in this app are successful design and great user experience.


  • Adapt existing ticket flow for mobile devices
  • It should be with great user experience
  • Easy to use and understandable for customers with different experience levels


  • We analyzed the existing Tuule ticket buying process and generated some useful new ideas which make the app even easier for users. After exploring the current system we started to put it all together on paper to see if the new flow works on mobile devices and made adjustments where needed.
  • We had to create balance between Tuulelaevad stylebook and modern mobile design principles. Focused data and big clickable buttons make the app more user friendly. User testing at this phase is also important. We tested the apps with different age groups to see if they understand it the same way and made adjustments where needed.
  • We used Hybrid App Framework because of limited budget and development time. It also speeded up HTML prototyping because all the basic design elements were ready to use.


  • Easy to use and understandable
  • Buy tickets while on the move
  • Fast buying process
  • Modern design
  • Cross platform (web, iOS & Android)


Tuule app was reviewed by one of the leading IT magazine “Digi” in Estonia and got five stars out of five. They pointed out that the strongest points in this app are successful design and ease of use.

System Ticket booking  
App 5x faster
2 min
10 min