We have helped to build over half a dozen businesses, from critical integrations to full banking solutions.

Finance solutions

I was impressed how dedicated and passionate they are

That each thing what they do would create value for their clients and their criticism towards the waste. Thank You Artify and great success to You for conquering new challenges!

- Toomas Polli, Head of Development

We Are Your IT Partner

We have the skills to assist you in the full range of product development

  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development
  • Launch
  • Support
  • We use Lean principles in management and Agile approach (Scrum) with implementation. Our process of service development is build, measure and learn
  • First we start with agreeing on minimum viable features, then draw the concept design and create an interactive demo to validate with consumers (repeat, until good enough)
  • After the validation we know how to create value for the customer
  • The Client is integrated in every step of the process, has full transparency and right to give input at all times. We know how to execute projects together and remotely

Customer Profiling

We know a lot about user behavior and how to build advanced profiling

Smart Score Card System
& Automated Policy Checks
Customer Validation
& Payment Defaults Checks
Automated After Sales
& Follow up Process
Real Time Score Card Report
& Correlation Data

Online Lending Platform

Financing Platform ready to be integrated and launched in 8 weeks

No extra training required, intuitive user interface & process

  • Website (CMS): Application process, Campaigns, Blog
  • Authentication: Citizenship checks, Address checks, E-Signing
  • Customer Profiling:: Policies, Payment Remarks, Score Card
  • Pay Out: Double Verification & Reporting
  • Incoming Payments: Automated & Manual Payments Matching
  • Regret & Early Payment
  • Extensions:: Rescheduling & Invoicing
  • Installments: Payment Plan Setup & Invoicing
  • Collection: Collection Reminders & Reporting
  • Customer Self Service: Payment Info, Notifications System, Customer Support
  • Administrator Back Office: Dashboard (Tasks), Customers, Payments, Reports, Templates.
  • Communication process: Welcome, Activation, After Sales, Upsell, Due date, Warnings, Reminders, Collection

Business Integration Partners

We have all the skills to automate business critical integrations

Credit scoring

  • Experian
  • Debitor Registrat
  • Score Card Analysis


  • Danske
  • Nordea
  • Adyen

Collection Process

  • Arvato
  • Alektum
  • Lindorff


  • SignWise
  • NETS (NemID)
  • SK

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