Uku is professional task management and billing software for accountants and service companies

Clients using Uku

  • BDO Estonia
  • Rödl & Partner
  • CH Konsultatsioonid
  • 1Office

Artify OÜ viib perioodil 11.07.2018 – 31.12.2019. a ellu arendusprojekti nr EU52492, mille eesmärk on arendada ning uutel turgudel lansseerida tarkvaraplatvorm UKU, millega kaasneb ettevõtte ekspordivõimekuse ja müügitulu kasv. Projekti kaasrahastab EAS ettevõtte arenguprogrammi meetmest 308 115 euroga.

Uku fits exactly our needs!

For years, I have been looking for a solution to manage my accounting firm. Uku has helped me to manage work processes better and therefore improve the quality of service. Uku fits exactly our needs!

- Christer Haimi, CH Konsultatsioonid

Customer based work plans

Uku helps to simplify your work by offering recurring task plan templates to use with your clients. Uku has four task plan templates developed by accountants which you can use as a basis.

  • Tasks with checklists
  • Topics for tagging
  • Repetitions and deadlines
  • Delegation to users
  • Powerful time tracking tool

    Uku assists in both planning and work, making your work days playful. With the stopper you can measure the time spent on tasks. If you forget to mark the time, Uku will send you a notification so you can adjust it later.

    • Time estimation
    • Stopper for time tracking
    • Simple time input retrospectively
    • Smart time-adjusting

    Flexible and powerful reporting

    Uku’s reports are the best way to have a full overview of completed and uncompleted tasks as well as see time spent on each activity in real time. You can also save the reports and export them to your customers.

    • Customer, user, and topic-based reports
    • Completed, uncompleted and delayed tasks
    • Extra works and custom fields
    • Export to PDF and Excel

    CRM and billing

    Each customer is assigned a colour to efficiently navigate between tasks. Client profile contains all the information about the client – tasks, agreements and contacts. By managing the workflow, you can assign customers to your team members and direct tasks.

    • Client agreements
    • Recurring and one-time tasks
    • Custom fields (e.g documents, entries)
    • Price list and billing – coming soon!
Uku is a dream come true!

It is very easy to mark the time that has been spent on different tasks and you can immediately review it in comprehensive reports. Thanks to Uku I have been able to abandon my notebook and stop using Excel – Uku has all the necessary tools for replacing them and more!

- Kersti Saar, AR Tähelend OÜ

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