Doing things you've never done before takes Courage!

Enjoying the unknown takes Boldness!

I don’t believe there would be any science at all without intuition. - Rita-Levi Montalcini, Nobel Prize in Medicine 1986


Synctuition is the first binaural audio technology in the world that helps to increase intuition through unforgettable realistic 3-dimensional sound journeys into your mind that you experience through your 6 th sense.

Synctuition has been developed in cooperation with psychologists, neurologists, musicians, top sound engineers and meditation experts to mix 4 amazing technologies into a single soundwave to deliver you incredible results.


  • Create and design full concept to present unique binaural audio technology for desktop, tablet and mobile experience.
  • Solution for worldwide audience, multiple currencies and languages.
  • Design scalable service architecture, framework for multiple products and cultural specifics.
  • Setup personalized communication and experience for each individual user.
  • Scalable audio streaming and reliable encrypting for offline audio.
  • Implement simple yet powerful affiliate solution and reliable metrics system.


  • We created a beautiful and unique design with responsive desktop and full mobile experience.
  • From mobile research we decided to go with popular Facebook framework React Native for iOS and Android apps.
  • Application framework was built on scalable RESTful Tornado services and Docker containers.
  • To secure the audio streaming we setup dedicated Wowza audio servers. Offline audio was secured with custom encryption.
  • The website was made with popular Wordpress and caching solved via Encapsula world wide accelelator service.

If you work with Artify, be prepared to commit – these guys will deliver. - Meelis Lang, Director of Project Management

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