We are entrepeneurs, so we have experienced what it takes to gather a team, find funding and fire it up. We know how to help an early stage company!

Startups we have helped

Highly recommended software development SWAT team, even for your most extreme projects and needs!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Artify. In addition to the highly experienced team and stellar software development skills, they constantly dare to challenge their clients’ and Artify’s own modus operandi with tough questions that can help define the prerequisites for the real success.

- Rait Ojasaar, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Utopia Revolution

Utopia Revolution is an advanced Team vs Team strategy game in fantasy setting, meant to be enjoyed for free by players of all ages. In 2010 we worked out the game concept, design and did all development. Our goal was the come up with a a new game concept based on a original Utopia online game that is scalable and supports thousands of simultaneous players. User navigation and graphic design had to be unique and user friendly. There was also a need for in game chat, forum and messaging.


  • Come up with new game concept using core elements from original Utopia online game
  • User navigation and graphical design must be unique and user friendly
  • Design scalable game engine that supports thousands simultaneous players
  • Game rules and formulas must be editable without any programming skills
  • In game chat & community tools like forum and messaging
  • Solution

    We came up with a unique design with a focus on team social and simple navigation. This modular and scalable game engine platform can be used to create similar games. With only 2 months and word of marketing the game had 2000 users and 300 simultaneous players online.

    • A fair game where only team & player skill counts, you cannot buy advantage
    • A unique design with focus on team social & simple navigation
    • Built on cloud computing, scalable on application & database layer
    • Game rules & algorithms are editable by game designers and can be updated without restarting the game
    • In game world, team & private chat, forum & linked help
Not only do they push themselves but they inspire others in the process

I’ve had the pleasure of working side by side with the team of Artify for a year and it has been one of the most productive times of my life. My friendship with Rain and Jaanus started over ten years ago when we all went to the same college and I was immediately taken away by their energy and focus on being the best they can be. They always aspire to push the limits and try to understand how best to manage their development processes and really understand their clients’ needs. Not only do they push themselves but they inspire others in the process. You certainly cannot go wrong going with Artify.

- Marko Kruustük, Founder & CTO of Testlio